Dempagumi.inc’s Jazz-Infused Collaboration With Inio Asano Is Finally Here

Well over a month since it was initially announced, Dempagumi.inc’s latest single “Oyasumi Polaris Sayonara Parallel World” is finally here. The jazz-infused single is the group’s second collaborative piece with famed Oyasumi Punpun mangaka Inio Asano, with original lyrics written for the group by the creative. Accompanying the single is what I imagine would happen if Stanley Kubrick, Inio Asano, Dempagumi.inc, and a film crew were all left on an island and asked to make a music video — it’s honestly incredible.


Arranged by jazz pianist H ZETT M, the song is described as an aggressive jazz-rock single with the energy of Dempagumi.inc and Inio Asano’s stylings flowing throughout. Perhaps most interesting about the music video is that it’s the first time the group’s two latest members have been involved in a group music video project. Both Kaname Rin and Nemoto Nagi have been involved in music videos in the past through their work with Niji no Conquistador, however.

Set to release for digital download on April 4, it won’t be much longer until we can jam out to “Oyasumi Polaris Sayonara Parallel World” on repeat wherever we are. If you’re interested in checking out our past pieces on the hyper-energetic Akihabara idol group, be sure to check out our full archive.

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