Dempagumi.inc Release Latest Music Video for ‘Precious Summer’

Akihabara-born idol group Dempagumi.inc have long been known for their hyper-speed performances and high-paced music, but their latest single “Precious Summer” took that to a whole new level. Simply listening to the song was one thing, acting as a sure-fire way to get the adrenaline flowing as you bounce around as fast as your body would let you, but seeing all seven of the group members perform live to the tune is a whole other beast. That’s where their latest music video comes in, stemming straight from their most recent live performance.

While Dempagumi.inc is certainly beginning to age, celebrating their tenth anniversary this year, that doesn’t mean they’re showing any signs of slowing down at all. Their high-energy stage presence is nothing more than a testimony to just how long we’ll be celebrating the year of Dempagumi, something I’m completely okay with. It’s also exciting to see just how well both Nagi Nemoto and Rin Kaname are getting along with the group, being two of the most recent additions.

Available for streaming now, further information on Dempagumi.inc’s latest music video can be found via their official website.

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