Denki Groove Share Latest “Ichigo-Musume wa Hitoriko”

Denki Groove Share Latest

Synthesizer-obsessive duo Denki Groove shared their fair share of success in 2018, especially bolstered by the release of Netflix’s monolith Devilman crybaby anime series at the start of the year. The anime’s release, which featured their original single “Man Human -Devilman crybaby Version-“ shot them to the forefront of international attention, introducing an all-new audience to the now 30-year-old group that has long played an important role in Japan’s burgeoning electronic music scene. With the new year now upon us, Denki Groove recognizes that it’s an especially important time to once more kickstart the year afresh, and what better time to do so than the group’s 30th-anniversary, with the release of an all-new album “30”, as well as an accompanying music video for “Ichigo-Musume wa Hitoriko”.

Uploaded earlier this month, “Ichigo-Musume wa Hitoriko” is an updated version of the group’s 2008 single “Ichigo-Musume” from their 17th studio album “J-Pop”. The music video, which was unfortunately shortened for YouTube, is such a good introduction to the group’s consistently weird styling that they’ve defined themselves with over the course of thirty years of activity. The difference between both the original version of “Ichigo-Musume” and this updated version lies in the accompanying vocals from both Shiori Tomita and Denki Groove that were previously sounded out using the groups own synthesizers, with the updated version offering a much more human feel.

For a group with such an extensive history, it should come as no surprise when I say that you’ve absolutely heard their synth-filled sounds more than once in your life. From their incredibly emotional work on the final episode of Eureka Seven with “Niji (Rainbow)”, their aforementioned work on Devilman crybaby with “Man Human -Devilman crybaby Version-“, as well as their work on GeGeGe no Kitaro with Mononoke Dance”, their work has been fundamental in both the electronic music scene and some of the biggest anime series.

Set to release on January 23, Denki Groove’s latest studio album “30” features a total of twelve songs. Those interested in checking out even more on the release, be sure to check out Denki Groove’s official website.

Denki Groove, Sony Music Japan
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