Square Enix Announces Release Date for Nintendo Switch Densha de Go!!

Densha de Go Switch Logo and Cover

Densha de Go!! Hashirou Yamanotesen dropped on PlayStation 4 earlier in December and it has been my go-to title for the last two weeks. I have put so much time into that game, and I have yet to unlock everything there is to experience. Based on the title of the game, I thought that it was going to be fairly straightforward and primarily focusing on the Yamanote line, but there is so much more to it! Today, Square Enix announced the release date and pricing for the Nintendo Switch version of Densha de Go!! Hashirou Yamanotesen.

Densha de go Switch Box Art

Densha de Go!! Hashirou Yamanotesen was announced for both PS4 and Nintendo Switch in the Summer of 2020 but on the announcement, only the PS4 version of the title had a release date with the Nintendo Switch version having a ‘Release Date Pending’, but that all changed today. Square Enix made the announcement that the massive train-lover’s dream game is going to be hitting the hybrid console on 18 March 2021 for a price of ¥6,380 (Approx. $60 USD). Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the PS4 version of the game, but being able to play the game on the go might just have me purchasing the game again on Nintendo Switch.

Densha de go switch gameplay

Square Enix has yet to show off any video of the title running on the Switch, but I can already almost guarantee that the game is going to get a slight graphical downgrade, seeing as the PS4 version is essentially a direct port of the arcade title. However, knowing Square Enix, I don’t see them cutting too many corners in terms of graphics, as it’s one of the main areas that the developer tends to put a lot of focus on. March is just a couple of months away and I’m sure as the date gets closer, we’ll see just how they fared for the Switch version of Densha de Go!! Hashirou Yamanotesen.

Square Enix
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