TeddyLoid Produces Japanese ‘Destiny 2’ CM Music

When it comes to creating a commercial with the perfect blend of video games with a legitimate dash of electronic music culture, there’s nobody that does it better than PlayStation Japan. From their previous lineup trailers featuring the likes of Tofubeats and Banvox, we’re this time taken on a journey that couples the highly-anticipated upcoming “Destiny 2” with the musical talents of TeddyLoid. Check it out below:

『Destiny 2』Live Action Dance Trailer “Freestyle Playground”

is the latest offering from PlayStation Japan that takes us on a wild adventure into the world of “Destiny” in the midst of a freestyle dance battle. Taking a clear break from the traditional roles our guardians would find themselves involved in, we witness around 40 of the greatest dance it out. Playing behind this action is none other than TeddyLoid with an original track produced for the commercial.

Running for over 3 minutes in duration, the commercial is more than enough to get us excited for the mayhem we expect to get up to within the world of “Destiny.” 

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