Latest ‘Destiny Connect’ Update Unveils New Characters

Latest 'Destiny Connect' Update Unveils New Characters

Having been announced near the end of 2018 with the game set for a March 14th launch date, promotion for the upcoming release of Nippon Ichi Software’s latest original JRPG, Destiny Connect, is well underway. Just before Christmas we received the first overview trailer for the game, which provided players with a brief synopsis of title’s story alongside a brief look at the game’s world, while ushering in 2019 is a brand new update unveiling a slew of new characters while providing more information about the time-travelling robot Isaac and their abilities.

This latest update details a new scenario that takes place within the game’s story regarding a mysterious department store known as ‘Save the Queen’. In order to investigate a mystery about the store after it has closed for the night, Sherry Alldays, the game’s main character, recruits the help of 2 boys they met in the past to help them adventure inside. One boy is the guitar-wielding ‘Truth’ with a strong sense of justice while the other is his gluttonous best-friend Dumpty. Although they won’t be joining in on this department store adventure, the third new character revealed is a girl named Aria, a friend of these two kids with a kind personality who works in a cafe.

Latest 'Destiny Connect' Update Unveils New Characters

Alongside the details of these characters was a bit more information regarding one of the game’s central mechanics, that being the time-traveling robot Isaac’s ability to transform and utilize new abilities due to this. These various ‘forms’, of which there are 6 in all, can be used multiple times during battle to allow for new abilities to be used that can ensure you are prepared for any situation. The base form of Isaac is the ‘Guardian Form’ which helps to protect others using his thick armor, while another is the ‘Rescue Form’ which transforms Isaac into a firefighter with the ability to heal others. More abilities will be available in the full game, while you can also install gears into Isaac that will further boost his abilities. Gold, silver and copper gears can be installed into him to activate certain stat boosts, though the quality of the gear installed will affect how much of a boost Isaac will receive.

Destiny Connect will be released on March 14th in Japan on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, with a western release currently unannounced.

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