Detective Conan to Take Over Tokyo Joypolis With Themed Attractions, Food, and More

Detective Conan Joypolis

The Detective Conan franchise will take over Tokyo Joypolis in Odaiba in celebration of the upcoming release of the latest Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet anime movie.

For those unaware, Joypolis is a SEGA-managed indoor arcade and theme park center situated in Odaiba near Tokyo Big Sight, home to arcade games and indoor attractions. On a regular basis, Joypolis is reskinned to tie in with various pop culture properties, with the latest property being none other than Detective Conan itself.

For this Detective Conan in Joypolis event, almost every aspect of the venue will be adapted to fit the Conan brand. The Jungle Cruise attraction will now be a Dr. Agasa organized adventure in a car driven by Subaru Okiya. Spicy Taxi, a car simulation game involving memory quizzes and reflex actions, will be voiced by Conan himself, with the fortunes of your future prospects received in the Fortune Forest delivered on Conan paper.

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Original goods for the event are a mixture of newly drawn chibi and non-chibi illustrations that will feature on everything from acrylic stands to pin badges, with other merchandizing items being Detective Conan in Joypolis-branded biscuits, candies and clear files. In the carnival games, even more items can be won by successfully winning at the various skill- and luck-based games situated on the second floor of the venue.

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If that wasn’t enough, a Conan-themed menu can be found in the restaurant, from Scarlet Pasta to Soccer Ball Pretzel sandwiches. Drinks like the APTX4869 drink, based on the drug that turned Conan into a child and made up of strawberry jelly, syrup, calpis and mini capsules designed like pills are also available. Each of these comes with a random coaster featuring one of the characters, out of nine designs. If you fancy some more mobile food, takoyaki and more are also available.

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All of this ignores the special stage shows and food planned specifically for Conan’s birthday on 4 May! It’s a packed event with lots on offer for fans of the series.

The Detective Conan in Joypolis event runs from 15 March until 20 June, and you can find out more over on the event’s official website.

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