Devil May Cry 5 Takes Another Step Into Madness With Official Motorbike Collaboration

Devil May Cry 5 Merch Takes Another Step Into Madness With Official Motorbike

Several months ago I wrote about some seriously pricey Devil May Cry 5 merchandise, and more specifically, how it might just have been the wildest thing I had ever seen. But with all that money Capcom has been making from both Monster Hunter: World and Resident Evil 2 as of late, I guess they’re not afraid to splash (and make) a pretty substantial amount on their next best-seller. So while some leather trench coats might have been pretty wild, this absolutely takes the cake.

Teaming up with Triumph Motorcycles, Capcom is creating a one-of-a-kind Devil May Cry 5 motorbike as a real-world counterpart to Dante’s iconic ride. Aptly titled the “BONNEVILLE BOBBER Dante MODEL”, this upcoming collaborative motorbike is all part of a massive giveaway currently going on via the official Devil May Cry Twitter account. But while this is a Japan-only giveaway, even if you don’t ever get to lay your hands on it, you can absolutely admire the sheer madness that is this motorbike.

But while this may be a video game tie-in, this motorbike absolutely still packs a punch. Coming in at a massive 1200cc, the “BONNEVILLE BOBBER Dante MODEL” is capable of going from 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds flat. Though, I’m not sure just how much that’ll be utilized here in Japan. Of course, all this speed comes with a style that I’m sure Devil May Cry fans will appreciate, especially when it comes to fans of Dante.

Running from February 14 – February 28, the Twitter contest is available for residents of Japan exclusively. To enter, simply follow the Devil May Cry Twitter account, and quote retweet this tweet with a comment on the game, as well as the hashtag #DMC5トライアンフ alongside it. Winners will be announced after 15:00 on February 28 via the account.

Set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, those interested in checking out further information on Capcom’s upcoming Devil May Cry 5 can head over to the game’s official website.

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