Di Gi Charat to Share ‘Sudden Big News’ in Upcoming Live Stream

Di Gi Charat

It has been quite some time since we’ve heard anything about Di Gi Charat, the series that got its start as mascot characters for Broccoli and GAMERS retail stores. Get ready for some major Di Gi Charat news, because the series will hold a live stream under the name of ‘Sudden Big News Special’.

Di Gi Charat

The live stream will be hosted by Asami Sanada as Di Gi Charat, Kyoko Hikami as Rabi~en~Rose, and Miyuki Sawashiro as Petit Charat. The live stream will also stream the Di Gi Charat Summer Special 2000 and Di Gi Charat Tsuyu Special anime. Just what exactly this ‘big news’ is, is anyone’s guess at this point. Maybe they’re actually going to be rebooting the series now that Bushiroad is in a new partnership with Broccoli. I mean, they did do that collaboration project with Bushiroad’s Lost Decade game a little while back.

The live stream is scheduled to be held on 12 June 2021 at 8 p.m. Japan Standard Time on the official YouTube page for the franchise. Either way, if they’re teasing big Di Gi Charat news, I’m pretty sure we’re all going to be satisfied with the outcome.

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