Digimon Adventure Episode 4 Review: Sora’s In The Mix

Digimon Adventure Episode 4 Review: Sora's In The Mix

It’s been just over two months since Digimon Adventure Episode 3 hit airwaves before getting major delayed because of COVID-19 like so any anime, movies, and games have been. Stunted so early in its run, you may have forgotten there was this whole unexpected Digimon reboot but that means with only four total episodes out you still have a chance to catch up. There’s a reason Digimon and specifically, Digimon Adventure has endured for over 20 years now and it’s been interesting to see if this new show will earn its place in the legacy. Thankfully Digimon Adventure Episode 4 has kept up the pace set by the remake so far.

Digimon Adventure Episode 4 Review: Sora's In The Mix

Looks like Digimon Adventure 2020 will continue erring on the slower side and introducing the Digi-Destined cast, and their partner Digimon, one at a time. Digimon Adventure Episode 4 brings us good tidings in the form of the spunky and bright Sora Takeuchi, who’s been thrown into the Digital World along with Taichi. She seems a little less aggressive compared to her original series counterpart but her decisiveness and straightforwardness still come through. After a noticeable absence in Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, getting a Sora episode early on was a treat. She makes fast friends with Piyomon, who you may remember better as Biyoman, who claims she had been waiting for Sora all this time.  We guess you’d call that some Digi-foreshadowing.


We didn’t just get introduced to Sora in Digimon Adventure Episode 4, we got a lot of great exposition to our new Digital World as well. Maybe it speaks to whatever’s left of the inner-child still inside me but I was downright giddy watching this Brachimon wandering around a lightly forested area like it was no big deal. A few other bigger Digimon make quick appearances imparting a real sense of scale to the world and the characters. One thing pocket monsters never really had, outside of the movies anyway, were giant monsters being a regular part of daily life. It really helps to solidify the ‘Adventure’ part of the series’ namesake. Like it’s attempting to do with its characters by bringing them in slowly, the show’s taking the time to do visual world-building to make it all feel tangible.

Digital World

The digital world doesn’t only feel like a place because of it’s inhabitants, but it looks distinctive too. To put it in other words, there’s a lot of great background work to be found in Digimon Adventure Episode 4. I’m loving these painted nature-scapes with the additional glimmers of light and refractions to impart a subtle ‘digital’ quality, so to speak. Some of the character animations did drop in quality this episode, but with a number of great looking set-pieces, it was hard to care all that much. The fight at the end of the episode looked okay, though previous episodes had more impressive battle segments. All in all though, a solid episode with some artistic ambition and decent story-telling.

Digimon Adventure Episode 4 and future episodes of the 2020 Digimon reboot can be found week to week at Crunchyroll.

Akiyoshi Hongo / Toei Animation
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