Digimon Partners Website Requests International Fans to Refrain From Registering

Digimon Partners

It seems that the official Digimon Partners, a website where fans of the Digimon series can link up with each other and share their fandom for the Digimon series together, was intended to be for Japanese users only. To keep it that way, they are now sticking to their guns and requesting that users outside of Japan should refrain from registering for the service.

Today, they made an official post on the website which was titled, ‘To all Digimon fans who live outside of Japan’ where they directly requested fans of the series to stop registering for the service if they live internationally. The message read:

We have an announcement and a favor to ask to all Digimon fans living outside of Japan. 

We are very grateful for the many actions we have received from fans around the world since the opening. On the other hand, this web site ‘Digimon Partners’ is as per Article 5.2 of the Term of Membership, it is currently intended for residents of Japan only. It is with great regret that you are unable to enjoy communication with each other from outside of Japan at this time.

However, we are well aware that there are a lot of Digimon fans outside of Japan as well. And we are currently preparing for the day when all you around the world will be able to communicate and enjoy your Digimon life just like Digimon fans in Japan. 

Please don’t register now, but please wait for the day that will surely come.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Where I find it quite strange that a company would be alienating their fanbase, I can understand the reasons why: the language barrier, Japan-exclusive products, and general cohesiveness of the portal for fans in Japan. Many of the comments in relation to the post have been positive with users apologizing for causing an inconvenience and comments stating that they look forward to the day that they can all be together.


The message does seem to indicate that an international version of the Digimon Partners website is coming, but that comes to a matter of when and if. I guess only time will tell.

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