Dio’s Mansion from ‘JoJo’ Part 3 is Coming to J-World Tokyo

If you received a cordial invitation to visit Dio’s lovely mansion in Cairo, would you accept? If you would tick the “Yes” box to RSVP, then you’ll probably want to head over to J-World in Tokyo and make yourself right at home. The amusement center, located in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro area, is home to all things Shonen Jump; making it a fitting area for one of their most bizarre attractions yet, following the addition of “Dio no Yakata,” a labyrinth-style attraction with multiple branching paths and “endings.”

As adventurers, your goal is to reach Dio’s bedroom. There will be plenty of obstacles and puzzles along the way and even a few branching paths. Your experience will be a bit different every time, and there is plenty incentive to wander through Dio’s halls multiple times, as you can select either the “Jotaro ending” or “Dio ending” beforehand. Your selection determines the special souvenir photo cards you’ll receive at the end of the attraction.

There will be two additional minigames to play — “Gekisou! F-MEGA Dice Boost” and “Could Telence really ‘ora ora?!'” The prizes upon completing these games feature goods decked out with everyone’s favorite uh, cherry boy, Kakyoin.

It certainly wouldn’t be like J-World to not introduce a couple of themed food and drink items to the menu as well. Take a look at some of the delicious, albeit perhaps a little awkward to eat treats that await you. The Araki tradition of treating dogs terribly has crept into this innocent little event as well because I really want to devour that Iggy…

I just hope that you are actually able to sit down inside the mansion for the feast.

The Dio’s Mansion event will run from February 2 until April 22. The separate admission fee for the attraction is 1000 yen (about $9 USD). If you decide to make the trip, make sure that you are decked out in your new Glamb JoJo collab fit. You’re sure to turn a few heads as the strongest fan in the whole of the park.

Images: J-World Tokyo, Hirohiko Araki and Lucky Land Communications, Shueisha

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