Dirty Pair is Finally Getting a Blu-Ray Set In Japan

Dirty Pair Finally Gets Blu-Ray Set In Japan

Dirty Pair is one of those series that should absolutely be revisited by younger fans who weren’t around for its heyday in the late 80s and early 90s. It’s a light-hearted, mostly episodic, sci-fi story about two investigators who always look good and don’t take any crap from anybody. The series is definitely regarded as a cult-favorite among older fans and those who have an avid interest in older anime. If you spend lots of time on Twitter or Tumblr, chances are you’ve at the very least seen gifs and still from Dirty Pair without even knowing. Now this classic anime, each season, the Flash OVAs, and film, are finally getting a much deserved Blu-ray set.

As you can see in the trailer above, Dirty Pair is getting an entirely new film clean up and transfer that’ll leave Kei and Yuri looking better than ever. It really is a complete collection and so if you’re a huge fan this Japanese release will set you back 55,000 yen. That’s definitely steep, so I’m hoping Nozomi Entertainment who currently has the series licensed and released on DVD in the States, will put out a cheaper edition within a couple of years.

Coincidentally, I only watched the original Dirty Pair for the first time this year. Previously, while I was aware of the series, I had only ever watched Dirty Pair Flash; the 90s OVAs that gave the dynamic duo a new look. While die-hard fans seemed to have mixed opinions due to certain changes in the formula of the Flash series, I enjoy it quite a bit. Enough, in fact, to go buy the original Dirty Pair. I can definitely vouch for its quality, as each episode’s visuals are cool enough on their own, but the series is genuinely entertaining and sometimes even subversive.

This Japan-only Dirty Pair complete box-set hits December 18.

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