Disgaea 6 Releases New Trailer, Demo in Japan

Disgaea 6 game poster

Dood! The wonderfully silly RPG franchise Disgaea will release its newest game on 28 January. Nippon Ichi Software recently gave us a preview of what to expect from Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny in a trailer posted to YouTube:

As the trailer shows, Disgaea still has a lot of fun and silly characters, including those Prinny mascot penguin… things. (OK, so those Prinnies actually carry around souls of the dead until they can pay off their sins. They’re basically mascot characters.)


Disgaea 6 characters

This time around, the main character is Zet, a zombie. He’s not the first character to show up in the promo video; that would be the God of Destruction, who is, naturally, the main villain of the game. Of course, Zet has to defeat this guy to earn his ‘good end.’

Zet has that typical boastful shonen hero attitude about him. At a glance, he seems very similar to Laharl from the original Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and subsequent anime series. His pink-haired sister Bieko accompanies him.

Other characters include:

  • Cerberus, the genius zombie dog
  • Melodia, the singing princess who dreams of love
  • Misedor, rich king of the Human World (who has the same haircut as the king on a deck of cards)
  • Piyori Nijino, the leader of the Ultra Croma Power Squad Prism Rangers
  • Majolene, the headmaster of the Magimage School of Magic (a magical girl, basically)
  • Overlord Ivar, a very strong idiot. He thinks he’s the real hero

All told, we have an interesting bunch of fantasy anime/ game parody characters for a game which calls itself ‘the worst simulation RPG ever released.’

Disgaea has been around since 2003. Although this is number 6, that doesn’t include the many spin-offs. On Thursday in Japan, Nintendo announced that a trial version of the game was now available.

Nippon Ichi Software, Nintendo
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