Tamagotchi Based on Disney’s Twisted Wonderland Available for Pre-Order

Disney’s Twisted Wonderland Tamagochi

We’ve had Evangelion Tamagotchi. We’ve had Demon Slayer Tamagotchi. Now, Disney’s Twisted Wonderland characters will get their own Tamagotchi with a new series based on the popular Japanese mobile game.

Perhaps you haven’t heard of Disney’s Twisted Wonderland before this Tamagotchi collaboration, considering its status as a massive yet Japan-only mobile game. The game comes from Disney Japan and Aniplex, with designs from Black Butler creator Yana Toboso, and can be most simply described as a villains-academy visual novel and adventure title, inspired by the villains of various Disney films. All these characters attend Night Ravens College, and are each a part of a different dorm that is based on the film they’re inspired by. These different dorms are used as the basis for this Tamagotchi that ties into the game.

The characters you have to look after, and the design of the Tamagotchi themselves, are based on the different dorms found within Disney’s Twisted Wonderland. There are seven Tamagotchi being sold: Heartslabyul (Alice in Wonderland), Savanaclaw (Lion King), Octavinelle (The Little Mermaid), Scarabia (Aladdin), Pomefiore (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves), Ignihyde (Hercules), and Diasomnia (Sleeping Beauty).

Disney’s Twisted Wonderland Tamagochi

While the functionality of each Tamagotchi is the same between versions in this series, and each is controlled much the same as a standard Tamagotchi, except with the anime boys of the series as the creatures you care for, each comes with a charm based on the Disney’s Twisted Wonderland dorm the Tamagotchi is representing. On top of that, each comes in a sleek black box that gives the item a more premium appearance, featuring the logo for the game and the dorm on the front.

Pre-orders for these Disney’s Twisted Wonderland Tamagotchi are now open on the Premium Bandai website for 4180 yen until 19 March. The Tamagotchi are expected to ship to customers in June.

Disney elements ©Disney; BANDAI elements, ©BANDAI
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