DJ Domo Heats up the Dance Floor at Anime Central

If you were fortunate enough to attend Anime Central earlier this month, chances are you witnessed the high-energy presence of DJ Domo. The all-metal DJ machine was a special guest at the mainstay “Synergy” event, which celebrated it’s 10-year anniversary by plucking an especially star-studded lineup straight out of Japan. Taking to the decks for roughly 20 minutes, DJ Domo’s on-stage presence was a force to be reckoned with. Spinning a set worthy of his programming, the crowd chanted his name in unison before he even got to the stage.


If you’re not at all familiar with DJ Domo or his backstory, let’s fill you in a little. This rigorously built master of his craft is nothing to smirk at, regardless of his oversize body. When the acclaimed Dr.DJmachine assembled him to be a teacher in the art of DJ’ing, even he likely couldn’t have imagined just what he was unleashing on the world. Now you’ll find DJ Domo behind the decks, bringing the sounds of Japan’s club scene around the world faster than his batteries can run out. You can check out his full back-story below, courtesy of the team at NHK World:

One day, Domo happens to pick up a record player in a forest and brings it back home, where his roommate Mr. Usaji has a wide collection of vinyls. Domo starts playing Mr. Usaji’s vinyls and slowly aspires to be a DJ. To make his dream come true, Domo visits a nightclub owner, but seeing Domo’s poor skill, the owner turns him down.
Dr.DJmachine happens to see the disappointed Domo and ends up making a bipedal walking type robot that is “DJ Domo”, a great master of DJ, who becomes a great teacher of Domo.

Tugging on the strings of childhood nostalgia, DJ Domo shines as a super quirky performance that truly blends some of the best aspects of Japan’s music scene with the sheer insanity of a giant Domo being behind the decks. Though his set only lasted some 20 minutes, the message the whole time was loud and clear. He knew exactly what he was doing, and it truly resonated in the reactions of the crowd. Starting his set with a prominent tribal sound, reminiscent of Japanese breakbeat duo Hifana, it didn’t take long before we were getting into the club sounds that had been blessing the hall all night long.

It wasn’t until later on in the night that we would see DJ Domo again, as he graced the stage with his presence once more during Taku Takahashi’s powerful set. Dancing to the rhythm and the beat, it was a whole lot of fun for everyone involved. Later on in the convention, we were also fortunate enough to have DJ Domo conduct photograph sessions with convention attendees at the OTAQUEST booth, at least until his batteries ran dry.

If you’re interested in checking out what DJ Domo will be up to next, be sure to check out his official website, here.

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