DJMAX RESPECT Black Square DLC and Unlock Package Items Detailed

The DJMAX Team confirmed earlier today that there will be a Black Square DLC information announcement coming on June 28.

The Black Square DLC will retail for $19.99 while the UNLOCK SONGS & MISSIONS package will be priced at 15,000 KRW (~$14.99), and will release after the Black Square DLC. The UNLOCK SONGS & MISSIONS package includes all songs except DLC and all missions (except DLC) will be unlocked.

The DLC will be available after applying the 1.14 patch which releases on June 27 (region console varying).

The team announced that for the first time in DJMAX RESPECT, various songs will be available depending on the combinations of DLC packs you have purchased; this is akin to the Link Disc system of the DJMAX Portable series.

Patch 1.14 includes:

– Two new free songs (Always [from “Yogurting”], Fly Away [from DJMAX TECHNIKA Q])
– Patterns added for previous songs
– Hidden BGAs are now in COLLECTION mode and are able to be viewed
– Level icon can be changed
– Practice feature for missions added
– Fixed an error in sync adjustment feature
– When you restart in Mission Mode, current stage you’re in will be restarted
– On/Off feature for BGA

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