‘Doki! Makoto-chan 80’s Shock’ Line Pops With Style and Snot

'Doki! Makoto-chan 80's Shock' Line Pops With Style and Snot

Before Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley returned to the world of comics with Snotgirlthere was Makoto-chan.  The character has rarely been seen without a trail of snot dripping from her nostrils since her debut in 1976. While he was known more for his horror, this series created by one of the all-time greats Kazuo Umezu who’s style of illustration has been emulated for 50 years.  Makoto-chan is unfortunately virtually unknown to foreign audiences; however, his signature gag manga could be exposed to entirely new audiences via an impressive new shirt line. The ‘Doki! Makoto-chan 80’s Shock’ collection should appeal to people who’ve never heard of Makoto-chan.

Doki! Makoto-chan 80's Shock Shirt

The ‘Doki! Makoto-chan 80’s Shock’ line features a number of pieces, including the above t-shirt. Makoto-chan on roller skates twirling her snot like it was a magic ribbon. You can also buy the above illustration on a pastel yellow or pink t-shirt, however, I feel the basic white makes the stars and other background bits pop the best.  There’s also two different hoodies that both have exclusive designs; A subtle grey one with a small embroidered Makoto on the front and the manga’s original logo on the back. The other, a periwinkle blue sweatshirt with an oddly posed Makoto in a sailor outfit with the text ‘Doki! Makoto-chan 80’s Shock’ in a yellow-green gradient.

'Doki! Makoto-chan 80's Shock' Hoodie

The 80’s shock part of the line name hits it on the head. These designs are taking the best of older aesthetics, like vibrant pinks, blues, and yellows that burst off the clothing and marrying them to someone of a kind illustration. Not only breathing new life into Makoto-chan, the ‘Doki! Makoto-chan 80’s Shock’ collection turns Umezu into pop-art in the best way. Stars, snot and all.

'Doki! Makoto-chan 80's Shock' Embroidered Hoodie

The ‘Doki! Makoto-chan 80’s Shock’ line can be pre-ordered here now at some pretty reasonable prices.

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