Don Quijote in Tokyo Combating Mask Hoarding With Unique Pricing Scheme

Shibuya Donki

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues on its path of chaos, many of the things that we take for granted are no longer available at stores. Or if they are, they’re near impossible to get. Here in Tokyo, the two biggest items that would fall in those categories are toilet paper and face masks. Even at superstores such as Don Quijote.

The face mask thing I understand, you’re sick, or people around you are sick and you just don’t want to get or give what other people are sick with. It’s a standard practice throughout Japan and I don’t think you’ll go any day throughout the year without seeing one person wearing a mask.

But now with the Coronavirus running rampant, getting these day to day commodities is proving to be quite the challenge. This is where the Japanese super-store Don Quijote has decided to step in. Some Don Quijote stores recently got a new stock of face masks in and have set the standard price of the masks at ¥298 for 7 masks. The catch here is that in order to curb hoarding of the masks, your 2nd and subsequent purchases of masks are going to be at ¥9,999 each pack. Or roughly $95 per pack.

This is a rather ingenious way to prevent people from one, over purchasing the product, two, making it so others can’t get the masks as well. Many places have been setting a small amount limit on masks and toilet paper such as Aeon stores setting a 2 per person limit on toilet paper. But charging someone almost $100 for a pack of 7 masks is really amazing and I wish that more places would put things like this into play. Hell, if you can’t get a pack of masks at Don Quijote, you could always try to get some in a UFO Catcher, or even stay inside and catch up on your manga reading.

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