Doraemon Explains The New Normal For Cinemas Under COVID-19 Ahead of Release of Nobita’s New Dinosaur Film

Doraemon Explains The New Normal For Cinemas Under COVID-19 Ahead of Release of Doraemon: Nobita’s New Dinosaur

After a delay from its originally scheduled release date, the latest Doraemon movie, Nobita’s New Dinosaur, is set to drop into cinemas across Japan on August 7th. While we’ve had a number of films released in cinemas in recent weeks, it’s easy to argue that the release of a new Doraemon movie (alongside a new Pokémon movie!) makes these films the first major releases that will entice people of all ages back to cinemas following a slow recovery from lockdown. Compared to the last Doraemon film’s release, cinemas are operating far differently under social distancing and COVID-19. Considering this, the film has released a cute guidance comic to make audiences aware of what to expect.

The cinematic new normal under COVID-19 is far different to what one may be used to, as this comic featuring Doraemon, Nobita and pals eloquently showcases. Each panel notes a different regulation while keeping with the fun the series is known for. Panel 1 notes that despite cinemas having no windows, they are mysterious places with great air ventilation. Panel 2 reminds people to diligently keep a distance when queuing to enter a screen, with panel 3 being a reminder to keep hands clean. Panel 4 is a reassurance that stuff will be following the same guidance.

The remaining panels are for what to do once the film starts. Panel 5 is a reminder not to shout or talk while the film is going on, which should be common sense but is particularly important now considering the way that COVID-19 can spread. Panel 6 reminds audiences to wear masks while they’re not eating (as well as to not forget to have fun!).

For the final panel, a suggestion that if you’re likely to forget any of these rules, write them on Ankipan and eat it! For those who don’t know much about Doraemon, Ankipan, or Memory Bread, is one of Doraemon’s gadgets that allows a person to remember anything written on it if the user eats it. Which would be a very useful tool for all the people who like to forget the safety precautions designed to stop the spread of infection.

Released as part of a campaign to encourage audiences back to cinemas, hopefully people actually follow these rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in cinemas and go to see the new Doraemon film safely.

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