Doreamon Future Department Store Comes to Ginza for a Limited Time

Doraemon Future Cover

After a failed attempt or two, we’re starting to see Doraemon finally catch on in English-speaking regions, though it’s not as if Brooklynites started watching this kids’ anime. Some have referred to the crayon Blue, robotic, time-traveling cat as ‘The First Pikachu’ or ‘Hello Kitty’s Dad’ and it makes sense to see him find international success as a mascot character. You can slap that round face onto cookies, T-Shirts, even socks, and it all works.

Of course, here in Japan he’s more than a fashion icon; He’s every kid’s hero. Now he’s bringing the ‘Doraemon Future Department Store’ to Ginza, a particularly high-end neighborhood not so child-friendly.

Doraemon T-shirt
They call this the ‘money shirt’ on account of it going to make them money.

The main draw for the Ginza Mitsukoshi-based Doraemon Future Department Store pop-up would be the shirt pictured above, only on sale there.

Other hard to find Doraemon goods will be available, which includes some merchandise that will first come to the store. I think in the gaming world, they call these ‘Timed Exclusives’ and with a Doraemon game available in English for the Nintendo Switch, it’s okay to make that reference.

If clothing and knick-knacks aren’t your stitch, considering heading to Ginza to pick up some Doraemon dorayaki… Wonderful synergy there, looking at it in print.

Doraemon Dorayaki
Delicious Delectable Doraemon Dorayaki Duo

We confess, there’s a permanent Doraemon Future Department Store location in Odaiba that’s been operating since 2019. Hoewever even for Tokyoites, Odaiba’s a bit out of the way, making the Ginza pop-up an appealing option for those who really want a shirt and bean jam buns. Plus, the larger-than-life Ginza Mitsukoshi shopping center hosting the pop-up itself is one of the must-see spots in the district.

Doraemon Apron
You gonna pass on the world’s cutest Apron?

The Doraemon Future Department Store can be found in Ginza Mitsukoshi from 17 to 29 March.

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