Doraemon x GUCCI Collaboration Announced for New Years 2021

DORAEMON x Gucci Visual

I’m going to be brutally honest here, I never realized how many companies actually collaborate with Doraemon until I started writing for OTAQUEST on a full-time basis. Sure I thought ‘Hey, Doraemon is a cool dude and he has some neat collaborations’, but I never really understood to what effect the depth of the collaborations went. Today, I had a little bit of light shined on that for me in the form of the newly announced Doraemon x GUCCI collaboration that the high-fashion brand is doing to celebrate the New Year.

Doraemon x Gucci

When you think of the name GUCCI you don’t typically think of a time traveling space cat that has a door that can go to any place he could imagine, I’m just saying. You tend to think of the brand as somewhat of a statue of wealth, success, and well-being. But GUCCI went and did the thing and announced that they are doing a New Year’s collaboration with Doraemon, and holy shit, they’re adorable and amazing. I have been begging my wife to let me buy the wallet since I saw it earlier today.

The collaboration will play home to a number of different items in the GUCCI line such as their shirts, sweaters, wallets, bags, shoes, and swimwear. It also goes to say that just because it’s a Doraemon collaboration, doesn’t mean it gets cheaper. The wallet that I want to buy for example is ¥69,000 (Approx $670).

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The Doraemon x GUCCI collaboration kicks off pre-orders on 20 January 2021 and will start shipping to customers in the middle to end of February. GUCCI has not yet announced if these designs will be making their way overseas, so if you have a burning hole in your pocket and an expendable income, these items might be something that you’d like to add to your collection as they’re likely going to go quick.

Fujiko Pro, GUCCI
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