Dr. STONE AGC Exhibition Lets You ‘Feel’ the Power of Science

Dr. STONE AGC Exhibition Lets You 'Feel' the Power of Science

One of the most unique aspects of Dr. STONE is how it uses science as a basis for its action as opposed to violence, and the series has long since recognized the educational value of such a premise – such so that, this summer, the series will be teaming up with the manufacturing firm AGC to put on the new exhibition ‘Experimenting With Manga: AGC MEETS Dr. STONE,’ allowing visitors to ‘feel’ the power of Senku’s science firsthand.

AGC, formerly known as Asahi Glass, is a core part of the world renowned Mitsubishi Group, a conglomerate that dominates much of the Japanese manufacturing industry. As you might be able to tell, it got its start making glass, but now produces a range of materials under the name AGC.

It has also been collaborating with various designers and architects over the years to explore the future of manufacturing and design with its AGC Studio space, at which Dr. STONE is set to make its first appearance.

As you would expect from a company so intrinsically linked with the material of glass, the AGC Dr. STONE event takes inspiration from the quote spoken by Senku in the series, “Glass is the starting point of science.”

This means that there’ll be a magnificent stained glass window of Senku, made out of AGC’s prestigious glass, present at the exhibition. Obviously.

Dr. STONE AGC Exhibition Lets You 'Feel' the Power of Science

Aside from this, however, there’s also a wide range of experiments and interactive installations taken straight from the original manga for visitors to enjoy.

These include a stone electricity-generating machine, glass records, a recreation of Senku’s lab in Ishigami Village and a recreation of Suica’s vision-correcting helmet.

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AGC hopes that these exhibits will allow visitors to ‘feel’ the power of science, as well as explore firsthand the type of experiments and inventions that appear in the original Dr. STONE manga.

Of course, this event is also coming along with the premiere of the long-awaited Dr. STONE anime, so, naturally, the event will also feature 50 pieces of genga key animation for visitors to enjoy.

The Dr. STONE AGC exhibition is set to run from July 20 to August 31 in the AGC Studio in Tokyo. Check out the official website for more details.

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