‘Dr. STONE’ is Getting an Anime Adaptation in July 2019

Dr. Stone Anime

The power of science prevails! It’s been about a year since Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi’s Dr. STONE series launched in Weekly Shonen Jump, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite series in the magazine. With that, I’m very happy to announce that it will finally be getting an anime adaptation – to premiere next year, nonetheless.

The anime adaptation was confirmed in this week’s issue of Weekly Shonen Jump (no. 51), after it was said that the series was going to get an “important announcement” last week. Of course, to celebrate the anime Senku and friends are on the cover for once with yet another fantastic piece of color artwork from Boichi. Check it out below:

Dr. Stone Shonen Jump

Although the studio behind the adaptation has yet to be shared – I’m holding out for MADHOUSE – the voice of the protagonist Senku has already been confirmed. Taking this central role will be none other than Yusuke Kobayashi, most famous for his recent role as Natsuki Subaru in Re:Zero, who seems pretty stoked about the part from his comment shared on the official website, which contains a lot of Senku’s pet phrases.

The anime is set to begin airing July 2019, not long after The Promised Neverland’s anime adaptation, so this summer is setting up to be a real Jump blowout. It’s safe to expect to expect more information during this year’s JUMP FESTA, the annual celebration of Weekly Shonen Jump properties, the schedule of which is set to include an event featuring author Inagaki and Senku’s voice actor Kobayashi.

Of course, the biggest question facing the adaptation from fans will be how it will adapt the first part of the series. The first arc of the series and it focuses on Taiju was almost completely scrapped when the series enters it’s second arc and has been much better for it. It’s not like the first arc is bad, but a good adaptation should definitely considering trimming the fat of this arc to make way for the good stuff – especially if the series is only going to air for one cour.

In the meantime, keep your eye peeled on the official website and Twitter account for more information.

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