Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost Receives Manga Adaptation

Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost Receives Manga Adaptation

Before Dragalia Lost’s release on mobile devices last year, each of Nintendo’s mobile games (except for Miitomo) were based on a pre-existing Nintendo IP. You had Mario Run, you had Fire Emblem Heroes, each based on a previously-established franchise. Dragalia Lost, in collaboration with CyGames, was the first time an original IP and product had been created by the company specifically for the mobile market, and has turned into a major success for each of the companies involved. Such a success, in fact, that the IP is now being expanded upon with a brand new manga adaptation.

Available through CyGames’ own CyComics digital manga platform, the first 55-page chapter has already been made available for readers for free, while the manga is being illustrated by Ayumi Fujimura. The second chapter will be later made available on February 7th and then continue to be published on a monthly bases going forward.

For those who are unaware of the premise of Dragalia Lost, the story takes place in Alberia, a kingdom where dragons live. All members of Alberian royalty have the ability to borrow the power of dragons through the process of forming a pact. Following the threat of the second coming of the demon dragon Morsayati, the prince of the Alberian kingdom sets out with his sister Zethia in order to form pacts that can help them to prevent a disaster that could come about from the dragon’s return.

I’m someone who’s had the app downloaded yet never actually played the game for myself yet, despite hearing that it’s rather fun. However, the art really appeals to me, and you can see that translated into this manga adaptation. If you’re interested in Dragalia Lost, the game is available on Android and iOS devices while the manga is available digitally on CyComics.

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