The ‘Dragon Ball’ Girls Get Some Well Deserved Recognition in New Fashion Line

The 'Dragon Ball' Girls Get Some Well Deserved Recognition in New Apparel Line

Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball certainly has no lack of apparel and merchandise. We’ve covered many such lines in the past, with the PKCZ® collaboration perhaps being one of our favorites. Unfortunately though, the majority of these merchandising lines tend to focus on the male characters of the series, pushing the series’ incredible female characters to the side as a result. Hence why I was very pleased to see Japanese pop culture news site Comic Natalie launch a new apparel line today focused on the girls of Dragon Ball.

The quartet of Bulma, Chi-Chi, Lunch and Mai form the basis for this new apparel line, which Comic Natalie are calling the “Romantic Knock Out!” collaboration. Six different products are available as of the time of writing.

The short sleeved t-shirts and hoodies from the Romantic Knock Out! line feature four different designs based on each character to choose from. There are also two choices for color, black or grey, when buying the hoodies.

While I like all of the designs, I’ve always been a fan of Bulma so I can’t help but be drawn to that one. But all of the girls are equally as good, so perhaps you’d find it hard to choose. Don’t worry though, as there’s a t-shirt that features all four of the girls equally. This design is also used for a tote bag.

If you’re anything like me though, you’ve already got far too many anime collaboration shirts and hoodies in your wardrobe – especially given how many of them we cover here on the site. The collaboration has got you covered in that sense though, as it is also offering a set of four glasses and keychains with more unique designs on them for a change.

Dragon Ball is known for its strong men, and for good reason, but I firmly believe that behind nearly every great man is usually always an equally great woman. You could argue that is already readily present in Dragon Ball itself, as Goku surely wouldn’t get anywhere without the constant care of Bulma and Chi-Chi. So perhaps it’s a good thing that the Dragon Ball girls have finally gotten the recognition they deserve in this new collaboration.

You can check out the full line and purchase any of the pieces via Comic Natalie’s online store. This line also launched beside another Dragon Ball collaboration with designs focused on Oolong and Puar.

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