Dragon Ball x New Era Line Focuses On The Classic Era

Dragon Ball x New Era Line Focuses On The Classic Era

There’s no shortage of Dragon Ball inspired street-wear out right now. Whether you’re going for that skater look with the newest Primitive drop, want to rep your favorite Dragon Ball lady, or want to go full hype graphic design, you have options. However, there’s a new collaborative line on its way; Dragon Ball x New Era. The upcoming line is set to hit Japanese stores on July 4 and we’ll imagine this line would make its way stateside too. It cycles through a few different designs mostly on caps but another on t-shirts as well. Each piece is in the 4,000 to 5,000 yen price range leaving it within the affordable streetwear range.


One neat aspect of the Dragon Ball x New Era line is that its really focusing on Dragon Ball. Lots of Kid Goku and classic Shenron art adorn these pieces. You even have Korin making a rare appearance and a Dragon Ball with the new era logo inside of it. Each design adorns a white, black, or navy cap and they come in both 59FIFTY and 9THIRTY styles. Both Shenron designs and the Dragon Ball design are available on T-shirts as well.  The line is more subtle than some of the others coming out recently, which may make them a safer bet with older audiences.

It always impresses me to see how far Dragon Ball has come. On a worldwide level, it’s the most popular anime period remaining a household name around the world. Seeing the franchise not only survive this long internationally but morph and exist in new ways is really something to behold. Today’s kids didn’t grow up with Dragon Ball Z on Toonami yet somehow they all still know what the deal is. Yes, anime has been ‘cool’ for a number of years now but this Dragon Ball x New Era line? Which is just one of many lines to tap into Dragon Ball recently? 10 years ago much less 20 I wouldn’t have thought it possible.

The Dragon Ball x New Era collab will drop July 4.

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