Bandai Namco Tease Dragon Ball Action RPG Project, New Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC

Bandai Namco Tease Dragon Ball Action RPG Project, New Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC

During a recent Dragon Ball videogame livestream, there was a disappointing lack of new gaming announcements for series fans. Although there was an announcement for a Western localisation for Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission, a card-game-meets-RPG title for Nintendo Switch and PC and set for release in April, but that was it. However, while that stream may have been somewhat disappointing, we do at least know that more news is on the way, with Bandai Namco teasing a new Dragon Ball action RPG project alongside new Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC.

In a tweet published by VJump earlier today, they teased a brand new games focusing on ‘the world of Dragon Ball Z’. Little is known about the project except for an image shared alongside the tweet in question confirming at the very least that the game would take the form of an action RPG, with more information being revealed in the March issue of VJump that will be published later this month.

In the same tweet, VJump also spoke about the addition of more fighters being added to Dragon Ball FighterZ, with ‘the warrior from Universe 11’ joining the fight. There’s a few possibilities for who this could be referring to, including Jirin, but we won’t have to wait much longer to find out who this is for certain, with a reveal set for the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals on January 26th-27th. This reveal is likely to be the start of a brand new season pass with a slew of new fighters being added to the game, extending the lifespan of this popular fighting game for a while to come.

With the potential for yet more content being added to Dragon Ball FighterZ and a new game on the way, alongside the well-received new anime film in the franchise, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, it sure is an exciting time to be a fan of Dragon Ball.

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