Celebrate ‘Dragon Ball Super: Broly’ with Stickers and Trains

Akira Toriyama’s long-running Dragon Ball series may be a veritable legend in terms of manga and anime, but it’s also had a pretty significant cinematic presence over the years, with the upcoming latest cinematic release, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, set to become the franchise’s 20th movie.

To celebrate such a long and varied history, those who go to see the latest movie will be given a special “memorial” sticker set. Sets themed after all 20 movies will be up for grabs, which use “iconic scenes” as their basis. Altogether 153 stickers are on offer, which visitors will receive at random, in the name of fairness. So if you really want that iconic Lord Slug set, you’ll need to go for repeat viewings – something I’m sure die-hard fans won’t mind doing. Check out the sticker designs below:

Not limited to only inside the movie theatre, however, the fun and anticipation for Broly is coming to train stations in the Kansai region, with a new stamp rally set to begin on November 1 to December 14.

Those who visit all seven of the stations and fill out their stamp sheet will receive stickers (not the ones given out in the theatre, mind you) as well a clear file. So not only do you get to experience the joy of using the wonderful Japanese railway system, you get to pick up some sweet Dragon Ball merch as well – sounds good to me. If you’re in the Kansai area, then definitely check out the official website for more information on the participating stations, here.

With the December 14 release date for the movie drawing ever closer, there’s no doubt that the anticipation is reaching an all-time high. Not just in Japan either – Western fans are eagerly awaiting the cinematic release of the movie by Funimation, scheduled to take place on January 16, 2019.

Bird Studio / Shueisha / Toei Animation
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