Dragon Ball Super Gets Chibified With New Figurine Line

Thanks to the success of Funko Pops and Nendoroids, there has been a surge in miniaturized forms of popular characters. Practically everyone you can think off–from the mahou shoujo heroine Sakura Kinomoto to the heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne to even the psycho killer Michael Myers–has been shrunken down to become petite delights for hardcore collectors. Now Bandai is taking it up a step with their new line of Dragon Ball Super Chibi Masters figurines.

This set of five 80mm-tall figurines will include the Super Saiyan forms of Vegeta, Goku, and Broly, as well as the final form of Frieza and the beyond-Super Saiyan form of the Goku-Vegeta fusion Gogeta. Made for distribution by the Los Angeles otaku merch gurus at Ultra Tokyo Connection, each of these figurines will be packaged individually in windowed boxes for fans who want to display the figurines in their purest, unopened form. 

The rub is that this Chibi Masters set will not be available for sale until the holiday season. This makes sense, and not just because of Christmas time sales. Bandai rolled out a My Hero Academia line of Chibi Masters just last November, which will make the release of their Dragon Ball Super figures the one-year anniversary of the relatively new Bandai merch line. The My Hero Academia set would feature five chibi-fied versions of Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki, Froppy, and Tenya Iida. 

You can pre-order any of the five figurines for $8.99 each, or all five for $49.99. Additionally, you can check out which stores near you will carry the figures on Ultra Tokyo Connection’s website. Considering how the My Hero Academia Chibi Masters are sold at certain Hot Topics, hopefully you won’t have to drive 100 miles to the nearest niche anime merchandise store (like I will have to).

Ultra Tokyo Connection press release
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