Dragon Ball UT Collection Sports Fresh Designs

Dragon Ball Uniqlo UT

You’d have expected this to happen already, but despite the many Dragon Ball Z fashion lines that have come out in the past couple years, we’re only now getting a dedicated Dragon Ball UT Collection from Uniqlo. There have been Dragon Ball pieces in past Shonen Jump lines from the store, but the most famous anime of them all hasn’t taken the Uniqlo spotlight until now. One thing, apart from the extremely affordable Uniqlo prices, that sets this collection apart is the involvement of designer Kosuke Kawamura who handled all of the Akira imagery in Shibuya. His designs are unique, not too hypebeasty, and make this collection worth a look.

Dragon Ball UT Collection Sports Fresh Designs

Easily my favorite piece in the Dragon Ball UT Collection is the above collage featuring several Gokus, the Ginyu force, and more. The image on the shirt absolutely goes off and is being used at the line’s main promotional image for that very reason. It’s not the only good piece though; I’m very fond of shirt just below this paragraph which splices two Gokus together in a rather unique way visually. There are a pair of t-shirts with Goten and Kid Trunks you and your best pal can wear that have the boys doing their fusion dance pose.

As we said earlier, Uniqlo collections are cheap. The T-Shirts while set you back 15 bucks, or 1500 yen in Japan, and the sweatshirts are just under 30. There’s a wide variety, although a few noticeable absences in the form of Gohan and Piccolo representation. Dragon Ball Z is rather synonymous with street fashion these days, so some of the best shirts in the collection might sell out fast since they’re affordable. That said, they won’t hit shelves until this November so you have time to plan your purchases… On second thought , this Android 18 piece might be my real favorite.

Uniqlo Android 18

The Dragon Ball UT Collection releases this November, check out the full line up here.

Uniqlo / Bird Studio
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