Dragon Goes House-Hunting Episode 1 Review

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Finding a place to live is hard for anybody, especially if you’re a dragon who’s forced to find a new home in a magical fantasy land. One of the new anime of the Spring 2021 anime season, Dragon Goes House-Hunting follows a young red dragon named Letty who was just disowned and kicked out from his family for letting their egg get stolen by adventurers. He goes on a journey in search of a new home while meeting some new friends and enemies on the way.

Letty is a funny character, but his incessant whining and pleading for sympathy sometimes gets on my bad side. As a legendary beast, it seems like they don’t belong anywhere. Everyone wants to kill him and that’s one of the running gags of the series. Humans want to hunt him for his body parts to sell. Other races like dwarfs or goblins want to dissect him for food or study. His dragon family views him as a weakling and the black sheep in the group. 

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Letty just can’t get a break, and to make matters worse, all his stats are low and he can’t fly, despite having the wings to do so. If you think about it practically, finding a home for a dragon is tough, and he does draw some pity on that front. Dragons are big, scaly, and unpredictable. He’s constantly being persecuted in the episode, which is hilarious given how he’s supposed to be a powerful dragon.

Letty meets Dearia at the end of the episode. He saves him from a hilariously incompetent hero party, who had their own funny interaction with Letty. Dearia is an elf architect who helps beasts construct and find homes. He’s essentially a real estate agent for magical beasts, and finding a home for Letty seems to be his biggest task. 

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Dragon Goes House-Hunting has an interesting concept, and I’m curious to see how it’ll be played out throughout its run. It makes us think twice about magical beasts who also have to partake in real estate home hunting. Within the large trend of isekai and fantasy RPG type anime coming out nowadays, it’s great to see fantasy comedy series that relate to our everyday activities in the human world and bring down its characters to our level. It highlights something we haven’t thought much about in a fantasy world. 

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It might sound boring to those who want action packed battles and adventure, but this formula lends itself to some funny anime. For example, Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle shows us a simple premise of a princess who just wants to sleep while being held captive. Konosuba mocks the common clichés of fantasy, isekai, and RPG media for its own story. I feel like Dragon Goes House-Hunting will follow a similar path as we meet more magical creatures that might not fit our expected image of them. 

After watching the first episode, I’m not sure what to expect, but I have a hunch Letty and Dearia will be exploring different lands to find Letty’s new home. There will be trial and error, and Letty will definitely have a hard time adjusting to different environments. Overall, I think the series has its charms and can’t wait to see how the comedy unfolds. 

Dragon Goes House-Hunting is currently streaming on Funimation.

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