DXRacer Open Pre-Orders for Final Fantasy XIV RZ-140 Gaming Chair

DXRacer Open Pre-Orders for Final Fantasy XIV RZ-140 Gaming Chair

Final Fantasy XIV’s popularity continues to grow, with an ever-increasing number of subscribers investing in the popular PC and PlayStation MMO from Square Enix. These fans are often dedicated to these games, too, clocking in thousands and even hundreds of thousands of hours into the world of Eorzea and its various expansions. To game for that long, you want to be comfortable, which is something you can do in style with the Final Fantasy XIV edition DXRacer RZ-140 gaming chair, which is now available for a second wave of open pre-orders having immediately sold out its initial run back in May.

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Considering the quality of the chair itself, it’s perhaps no surprise it sold out so quickly last time. Especially when the people playing a game like Final Fantasy XIV and therefore the people who would be interested in such a chair are dedicated fans putting in thousands if not hundreds of thousands of hours into a game such as this, making them likely in need of a high-quality chair that they can comfortably sit in for hours at a time. This DXRacer gaming chair is sold in a matte-black and ivory color scheme in soft leather, with the logo for Final Fantasy XIV and the icons representing the 18 jobs you can play as within the MMO stitched into the material. The chair is sizable, with a max width of 54cm, a height of 136cm, a 26kg weight and ample cushioning to support playing for long periods.

This all comes at a cost, though, and a noticeable one at that. Pre-orders for the chair are now open as of today for 49,800yen, and will remain open until September 13th. From there, the chairs themselves will be shipped to customers between October and November of this year. If this cost doesn’t put you off and you’re interested in owning this chair for yourself, you can hop over to the DXRacer website and pre-order it now.

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