e-amusement How to: Charging PASELI and Basic Course Subscription

Ever wondered how some players in the arcade got access to certain features, or how to get started with beatmania IIDX INFINITAS or SDVX 3 CLOUD at home? You’ll need PASELI for that.

Launched in 2010, Konami’s digital e-money currency, PASELI (パセリ) stands for Pay Smart Enjoy Life, and by using it, you can indeed enjoy your BEMANI gaming experience even more.

If you play games at ROUND1 or Dave & Buster’s locations, or most other arcades outside Japan, you won’t be able to pay for your games with PASELI, but you will be able to subscribe to the Basic Course to further your gaming experience. More on that later.

Before you continue, make sure you’ve signed up for a Japanese KONAMI ID (e-amusement account. If you haven’t, follow our English guide here!

Charging PASELI online can be done with 3 methods: a credit card (most cards are accepted), a PASELI Prepaid Card (rare even in Japan) or, what most people used prior to 2019, a BitCash (or WebMoney) Prepaid card.

Charging PASELI online

STEP 1: Login

Head to the PASELI Charge site and login with your KONAMI ID.

If that fails, visit the MyKONAMI homepage and sign in with your KONAMI ID. If you don’t see the PASELI section and “Charge” (チャージ) link, you don’t have a Japanese KONAMI ID. Refer to our guide here for help.

STEP 2: Check the PASELI Charge Site

The main PASELI Charge site was renewed and now has a flawless mobile version. For this guide, we used the Desktop version.

  • You can view your current balance (PASELI残高) in Japanese Yen. Previously, the currency indicator was “P”.
  • The Usage History (利用履歴) link will show you the past 3 months of PASELI usage, including charge history.
  • PASELI POINT balance and expiration dates of those points is also shown. These are earned based on 200 Yen spent = 1pt. You can click the link at the bottom of the page (shown below) to convert the points into PASELI balance. This comes in handy when you’re just a few yen short.

STEP 3: Select Charge Method

To charge using a PASELI Prepaid Card (from an arcade dealing them in Japan), use the link in the “PASELIカードでチャージする” section seen below.

For most people, you’ll want to choose the BitCash/WebMoney/Credit Card option. Click the “チャージする” button next to the amount you want to charge. (Note: For other charge amounts, you can re-use a BitCash code! Ex: For a 1,500 yen code, charge 1,000 then 500)

If you have a Credit Card, select the “クレジットカード” option, or choose your prepaid card option here.

Since BitCash was generally the most popular and easiest to obtain (hint hint: Discord!) we’ll continue with that method. Select that option, then click Next (次へ).

STEP 4: Enter BitCash Code

A BitCash code is in the format of 16 hiragana characters.

Depending on where you purchase the code from, you may get just an image (SeaGM/OffGamers), or the code itself (our Discord). If you need help reading hiragana, this site has a great point-and-click UI.

Enter the entire code into the BitCash ひらがな ID box, with no spaces or hyphens, then click Next (次へ).

If you entered it correctly, you’ll see the following screen. Take note of the balance remaining on the BitCash code/card (this one has 2000 yen on it) then check the box to agree to the PASELI Usage Terms, and click the Purchase (購入) button to finish charging:

Assuming no errors, you’ll see the following confirmation page, showing the charge time, method, amount, and your new PASELI balance. And that’s it, you’re done:

After charging your PASELI, your can do plenty of different things. First, grab lunch at JAEPO/KAC:

Of course, you can also use PASELI to purchase various items in some games through the Purchasing Department (購買部) Shop. After buying any of these items, you can view your purchase history here. For example:

  • beatmania IIDX:
    Hourglass of Time / Rainbow Ticket / Mystery Scroll / Nitro Booster
    (Item name changes each version) – lets you play old songs/boost event progress
    Music Packs / play customizations / INFINITAS Tickets
    Packet/Block Booster (2x rate) / Exchanger (1000pc to 800blc or 1000blc to 800pc)
    KonaSute Tickets (for REGULAR Play mode)
  • jubeat:
    jbox (Regular / Premium / Limited-time Selections)
    Sticker Recycle Tickets

In the future, Konami appears to want to expand the usage of PASELI as a currency. They’ve already created “ThincaTerminal” PASELI Readers which arcade operators can attach to games, and they’ve been working on another standard reader to be used on vending machines, etc.

For most readers of this guide, you’re probably charging PASELI in order to use the Basic Course subscription. For more on that, read on below.


e-amusement Basic Course


So, what’s this “Basic Course” all about? Put simply, it’s an automatically-renewing monthly subscription plan that lets you access more features (full list here) in your favorite BEMANI games. The cost? A meager 324 yen (about $3) per month!

Supported games:

  • beatmania IIDX (Arcade)
  • beatmania IIDX INFINITAS (PC)
  • DanceDanceRevolution A
  • SOUND VOLTEX (Arcade/PC)
  • GITADORA: GuitarFreaks & DrumMania
  • jubeat
  • pop’n music
  • DanceEvolution ARCADE
  • ミライダガッキ FutureTomTom
  • (Other online KONAMI arcade games)

For most games, you’ll gain the ability to view your Song/Score Data on each game’s website, as well as change your player name or location. Other notable things are as follows:


  • Display Fast/Slow timing
  • Show arrows in front of combo/judgements
  • Rival (data) viewing
  • Workout data


  • Music Shop (for Event Songs from previous versions)
  • Customization Shop (Noteskin/Explosion/Lane Covers/etc.)
  • CLASS/ARENA/DJ Rank Score History/Info
  • Rival Search/Adding/Data
  • Original Expert Course/Robo-Rival/Tournament creation
  • (a LOT more…)


  • Rival (data) viewing
  • Genesis/Appeal Card viewing
  • e-amusement App SDVX Data section (NEW!)



SUPER IMPORTANT NOTE: The subscription course goes by the month, starting at 12:00 am JST on the 1st of a month, and ending on the 1st of the following month. Keep in mind that if you subscribe on the last day of the month, your subscription will renew (or end if you don’t have enough PASELI left) on the 1st, at 12:00 am JST.

That said, it’s possible to use either a Japanese Credit Card or PASELI to pay for the subscription. First, login to your KONAMI ID (e-amusement) account and then visit the Course Selection Page:

Konami currently has 4 different subscription courses:

  • e-amusement Basic Course
    (For extra features)
  • e-amusement Premium Course
    (For even more features – see our post here)
  • beatmania IIDX INFINITAS Basic Course
    (Required to play INFINITAS – see our mega-guide here)
  • SDVX (PC version) Basic Course
    (One of the methods to play SDVX 3 Cloud – see our guide here)

For now, let’s continue with the Basic Course. Click the obvious red button to select it.

On the following page, you’ll just need to click the “了承する” (Agree) button indicating your acceptance of Konami’s Terms of Service:

On the next page, choose your payment method. For most people, this will be PASELI. Click the Next (次へ) button to proceed:

To finalize the subscription, enter your KONAMI ID’s password, then click “確定する” (Confirm)

Congratulations, if you reached the following screen, you’re now in the Basic Course:

If you don’t want the course subscription to automatically renew at the beginning of the next month, you can visit the subscription page and go through a similar process. After doing so, your subscription will remain active until 12:00 am JST on the 1st of the following month. To view your subscription history, head over to this page.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below, or hit us up on our Discord, Twitter, or Facebook!


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