EDP Announces Collaboration with Iconic Club MOGRA


With many of the live events being done online currently, it makes sense that many companies, labels, and agencies are doing everything they can to make sure that their artists still have a bevy of work to do as well as stay in the public eye. This is exactly what Pony Canyon’s sub-label EDP is doing in collaboration with MOGRA.

But what they are doing is unique and hasn’t been done -to my knowledge- by any agency yet. They are making a collaboration with the club popular for underground events and anisong events, MOGRA, for EDP Lab Online. MOGRA is a venue all of us are familiar with here at OTAQUEST, we have even held a couple of events there as well!

They have issued the following press release regarding their upcoming event on May 24th:

EDP, which produces dance music as well as music for music games, has announced that it will hold a streaming live event “MOGRA presents EDP Lab Online” on May 24th at 6pm.

This project is based on the Twitch channel of the club “MOGRA” in Akihabara which works with a wide range of music from Akiba style music, anisong, idol songs, and popular club tracks. Performers who will be part of this project will have live performances and DJ performances.

The performers include; Ryu☆, kors k, Camellia, RoughSketch, and BlackY. RoughSketch will be performing from his hometown of Sapporo.

The event will be free of charge and will be able to be viewed from MOGRA’s Twitch channel. A portion of the donations through MOGRA’s Twitch during the event will be used as a donation towards medical institutions.

This is a really great concept and the fact that they’re taking a portion of the donations and contributing them towards medical institutions during these dark days is something that I really respect.

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The artists that will be participating will surely put on a great show and is something that I highly recommend everyone to watch the EDP x MOGRA collaboration, EDP Lab Online, if you’re a fan of their music or if you’re a fan of music games in general, as there is certainly something that will please everyone.

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