EDWIN Denim Announces Gundam Strict-G Collaboration Jeans

Edwin GStrict

Legendary denim manufacturer EDWIN announced today that they will be collaborating with Strict-G on a series of Gundam-inspired jeans.

There will be two series of denim jeans in the collaboration. An E.F.S.F. variant and a Principality of Zeon variant. The cuts between the two pairs of jeans will be different with the E.F.S.F. version being a regular fit and the Principality of Zeon one being a loose fit cut.

The E.F.S.F. model is a regular straight cut that falls straight downward. While they are relatively loose and straight, they are finished with a narrow hem width so that they don’t feel too loose and can be easily matched with any shoes. The Earth Federation Space Force logo is stitched on the back pocket, and the emblem mark of E.F.S.F. is embroidered on the front left pocket as an accent with a leather patch of the original design.

EFSF Jeans

The ZEON model is a loose-tapered pant with a roomy trim around the hips and thighs and a narrow hem width for a clean look. The length of the pants is adjusted so that they can be worn neatly at the ankle length, and the legs look slim. The hip pockets are stitched with the Zeon mark, the leather patches are of original design, and the front left pocket has the Zeon mark embroidered as an accent.

ZEON Jeans

The two pairs of jeans will be available to purchase at G-Strict stores starting on 26 June 2021, with pre-orders kicking off on the BANDAI NAMCO webstore. Each pair of jeans will cost ¥13,200. If you’re looking to get your hands on these exclusive Gundam-themed jeans, you’re going to need to have a friend to go to the G-Strict store and pick them up for you.

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