eGames Announces O2Jam World Championship

eGames has sent out an automated message in the last 24 hours with the announcement of the first O2Jam world championship, to be held in Korea. If you don’t receive automated messages from eGames, or haven’t gotten too into the game yet, here’s what the message said:

“The O2Jam World Championship (O2WCP) will be held in Korea, where O2Jam players from all over the world where O2Jam is available will be able to participate. Players in each nation will duel it out beforehand to be selected to represent their country to compete in Korea for the glorious title of O2Jam World Champion.

Stay tuned to the O2Jam website and forum for the latest news and update on the development of O2WCP!”
For more information on the O2WCP, check out the official website:


Also highlighted in the e-mail is an upcoming song packed called Project Phantasie which will feature new music by Sanxion7, DM Ashura, Falk and other composers new to the O2 series.

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