eill Releases Latest Electronic-Tinged Album “SPOTLIGHT”

eill Releases Latest Electronic-Tinged Album

After much build-up and anticipation from my coworkers and peers, the latest album from Japanese musician eill is finally here; oh, and what an album it is. Released earlier today here in Japan, the album was placed up against a number of other highly-anticipated albums that dropped today, and I’ve got to say, it definitely earns its place up there. The debut album from eill, titled “SPOTLIGHT”, will hopefully do more than just thrust eill into the spotlight for listeners both domestically and abroad. Check it out below:

I’ve spent the last several months with OTAQUEST’s own Eddie Lehecka in my ear telling me to listen to eill’s music, and it turns out waiting for “SPOTLIGHT” to drop as my entry point might just have been the best decision. That’s not to discredit her previous work, seriously, it’s all great; but if you’re seeking something that flawlessly blends elements of pop, hip-hop, and electronic music into a single package, this is definitely the album for you. Running across a total of 11 tracks, there’s not a single sleeper on this album, with each track complementing the last and painting the artistic image for eill in a flawless manner. Of course, the album does end on a slightly quieter note than the initial 10 songs, concluding with an acoustic version of the album’s 4th song; though even that follows what I mentioned before, not feeling out of place and bringing a solemn closure to the album.

Of course, with this being eill’s debut album there really is only big places she can go from here. We’re beyond excited to track that progress too, especially as she continues to expand her sonic palette and continue to impress.

Available now for streaming across the globe, you’re definitely not going to want to sleep on eill’s latest album “SPOTLIGHT”. For those interested in additional information, do yourself a favor and visit the artist’s official website. You can bet you’ll be seeing more of eill around the writer’s department from this point forward, so be sure to check back on OTAQUEST for the latest updates.

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