ELEVEN ARTS to Release ‘SHIROBAKO The Movie’ in North America

SHIROBAKO Anime Key Visual

Los Angeles-based distributor ELEVEN ARTS has acquired the much-anticipated North American release of anime film SHIROBAKO The Movie!

ELEVEN ARTS has made quite the name for themselves over the past few years, securing several highly sought-after anime releases for Western release. We’ve written about quite a few of these exciting acquisitions here on OTAQUEST, from Studio Colorado’s Penguin Highway to the legendary Millennium Actress.

Aoi from anime Shirobako The Movie
(C)2020 Shirobako Movie Production Committee

The original 2014 anime series ran for 24-episodes, with a manga adaptation and novel release coming soon after. Offering a peek into the world of animation, the story follows five high-school friends seeking to create an anime series together, and the various difficulties and obstacles such a lofty dream entails. The series was met with positive reviews, both for the interesting subject and the enjoyable characters. 

SHIROBAKO The Movie was originally released in Japan on 29 February 2020 after multiple production issues. Series director Tsutomu Mizushima returns to direct. Voice actors Juri Kimura, Haruka Yoshimura, Haruka Chisuga and Hitomi Owada are also reprising their respective roles. 

According to the official synopsis: 

Four years after the events of SHIROBAKO the series, Musashino Animation has gone through unprecedented changes and things are looking bleak for the studio. One day, Aoi Miyamori is offered a role managing a new theatrical animation project. With only a few months left before the deadline, can MusAni complete the project in its current state? It’s up to Aoi to work alongside both familiar faces and new to finish the project in time!

An extended trailer for SHIROBAKO The Movie will premiere during the ELEVEN ARTS Industry Panel this coming Friday, 20 November at 5 p.m. (PST) at Anime NYC Online. For more information about the event, visit the official convention website!

(C)2020 Shirobako Movie Production Committee
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