Elos Skateboards x Evangelion Sports Collaboration Announced

Elos Skateboards x Evangelion

When we talk about EVANGELION collaborations, they’re usually with some pretty large Japanese companies. This announcement that I got in my email this morning couldn’t be further from that and I have to say, I’m just happy about it… I’m thoroughly impressed. EVANGELION will collaborate with California-based skateboard manufacturer Elos for three EVANGELION-themed skateboards. Even better, they’re coming to the United States!

Elos Skateboards x Evangelion

I used to skate a lot when I was in middle school and high school, and I never really lost the passion for it. I still love watching it on TV when I have the opportunity, and I still really respect those who keep honing their craft. I unfortunately can no longer participate in the act of skating due to a number of reasons, but that’s for a different conversation.

The three skateboards that Elos are bringing to the US market are based on the three main EVA units: Unit-00, Unit-01, and Unit-02, also known as Rei, Shinji, and Asuka’s Evangelion units. The top of the deck will feature the brand’s logo and some high-quality grip-tape which matches the color of the EVA unit, and the bottom will feature design inspirations from each of the featured EVA units. The skateboards come in a package kit which include the skateboard, a drawstring bag which can fit the skateboard, and a T-wrench to help you with maintenance.

Each of the Elos x EVANGELION Sports Skateboards were announced and released in Japan at the end of 2020, but this is the first time that they’re going to be available in America.

The pre-orders for the Elos x EVANGELION Sports Skateboard kick off on 26 March 2021. The price of the skateboards in the States has yet to be announced. However, if you base the price off of what Elos charged for the skateboards in Japan, it will run you about $200 as the Japanese kit was priced at ¥22,995.

If you’re interested in nabbing one for yourself, you can do so at this link. If you sign up before the 26 March, you can earn 10% off your order.

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