Ergo Proxy 15th Anniversary Collection From Messa Store Feat. Designs From Paul Nicholson, Ilya Kuvshinov, KUDAN

Ergo Proxy 15th Anniversary Collection from Messa Store feat. designs from Paul Nicholson, Ilya Kuvshinov, KUDAN

Kicking off on Friday, a number of talented and well-renowned artists are to collaborate with apparel brand Messa for a collection celebrating the 15th anniversary of Ergo Proxy.

Ergo Proxy is now celebrating its 15th anniversary, having started airing on Japanese TV in February 2006. This strange cyberpunk anime series directed by Shuuko Murase and written by Dai Sato is set in a post-apocalyptic, utopian future where humans and robots exist in harmony, until the robots gain sentience because of a virus. Even if awareness of the series has dipped in recent years, it was influential and popular at the time of release, and that’s why in honor of the 15th anniversary, Messa will be producing a special collection of Ergo Proxy merchandise in partnership with major artists.

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For the collaboration, Messa will partner with popular illustrator and designer on Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Ilya Kuvshinov; KUDAN, who has worked on a bunch of Neo Japonism-like designs and worked with musicians such as DAOKO; and Paul Nicholson, aka Number 3, who will also provide designs for the collection. You can see each artist’s unique style come through in the designs provided, particularly with KUDAN and Ilya. The re-l124c41+ t-shirt features a design for Re-l Mayer that is distinctly theirs, while KUDAN’s work leans heavily into the more psychological elements of the tone of the series while centering key visuals from the show.

Messa Store have worked on fashion collections for several popular classic anime, including the popular Serial Experiments Lain pop-up star in Nakano in 2019. This Ergo Proxy collaboration sees them once again collaborate with NBC Universal to make merchandise out of one of the older properties they own, and it promises to be another strong series following the street- and techno-styled Lain collection before it.

The Messa collaboration with Ilya Kuvshinov, KUDAN and Paul Nicholson for this Ergo Proxy 15th anniversary clothing collection will kick off on Friday, and you can see the full collection over on their website.

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