Dai Sato Discusses Eureka Seven Cultural References and Film

Dai Sato

In a recent interview with Japanese radio station block.FM, OTAQUEST Co-Founder Dai Sato sat down and discussed the various themes and references of the Eureka Seven series. The interview, which was in light of the recent announcement that the series would be receiving three feature-length films spanning the next three years, was largely focused on the often counter-cultural Japanese viewpoints presented in the original 2005 animated series.

The interview which was conducted in Japanese has been translated to English for Western-audiences. The full interview can be found below:

In the original Eureka Seven series, there was a lot of influence taken from the early electronic music scene. What is it going to be like this time?

Multiple times in the show we made reference to the term ‘Acperience’, which originates from the German techno group Hardfloor. The fact we asked them to do music for us really confirms this fact. Up until now, they had released 5 tracks in their ‘Acperience’ series, but we asked them to create a 7th to better fit the film title, Eureka Seven.

You have put a lot of references to counter-cultural movements in the anime, such as ‘Grand Royal’ (Beastie Boys’ label) and snowboarding. Are we going to be seeing similar references in this movie?

Absolutely. The term “Summer of Love” itself is even coined from counter-cultural movements. This will be the first time we’re creating the “First Summer of Love” scene.

As the Chief Script Writer, how did you plan to confront these films?

Trying to recreate an anime we made 12 years ago is always going to be a challenge, but our team is doing their best to create a masterpiece. We want to create fresh moments for new viewers, yet pack it full of surprises for longtime fans.

The first film in the upcoming trilogy, ‘Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution’, is set to release in 2017, with the following films releasing in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Originally aired 12 years ago in 2005, the series was met with widespread approval, securing its place as one of the industries most treasured original animated series.

The original interview with block.FM can be found here.

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