Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution Receives New Trailer

It was only a few months ago that it was first revealed we’d be seeing a new trilogy of Eureka Seven films that would completely re-animate the original 2005 series, and now we’re finally given a further glance into just what we can expect, all in the form of a new trailer. Running for a total of 90 seconds, we’re thrown back and forward between the extremely nostalgic scenes of the original 2005 animated series, and then forward into the upcoming film that we’re all so excited about. 

The whole trailer is an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish, jumping between feelings of joy to sadness to excitement and everything in between, all within its 90 seconds running time. With a screening date across Japan of September 16, 2017, we’re bouncing up and down in anticipation, all while running through the originals alongside Renton Thurston as he takes off on his journey. The full trailer can be screened below:

Alongside the release of the trailer we saw a full refresh of the films website, featuring some gorgeous new visuals and information. For those wanting to take a look at that, if can be found here. If you’re interested in checking out some of our other Eureka Seven news, including our exclusive interviews with series script-writer and OTAQUEST co-founder Dai Sato, be sure to check out our archives, here.

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