Eureka Seven Is Getting a Long-Awaited Physical Re-Release

It’s been 12 years since the original release of Eureka Seven in Japan. The series which spanned over 50 episodes, detailed the interplanetary adventures of Renton Thurston and Eureka as they fought to protect the world. Originally created by Studio Bones and co-produced by Bandai Entertainment in 2005, the series was praised globally for its stylistic themes and setting. Just last month we received word that the series would be remade in a trilogy of films spanning over the next three years, but that wasn’t all Studio Bones had to share.

In 2009 there was a super-limited release of Eureka Seven on both Blu-Ray and DVD, sparking interest worldwide. Not only was it extremely difficult to acquire, however, it was also extremely expensive. For the last several years it’s been somewhat of an illustrious collector’s item due to this rarity, but word has today broken that the series will be receiving a commercially available, less-expensive physical re-release. The re-release is going to be made available in two parts, with the first set to release on August 29, 2017, containing the first 26 episodes; while part two will be available on September 27 containing the final 24 episodes. For the blu-ray release you can expect to pay 18,000 yen each, and the DVD release will be similarly priced at 17,000 yen each.

Each volume will feature an original character illustration by Kenichi Yoshida. Included in the first volume will be the series OP and ED without credits, including episode 26’s sequences. Volume two will include sequences from episodes 33 and 50 without credits, as well as footage from the 2006 Sony Music Anime Festival in Tokyo. The re-release date for the blu-ray falls closely in line with the announcement of the upcoming film trilogy, which is set to screen in Japanese theaters later this year.

Eureka Seven

Further information on the upcoming re-release can be found via the official Eureka Seven website, here.


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