The Eva Pilots 100 Yen Collection Makes Angel Fighting Cheap

The Eva Pilots 100 Yen Collection Makes Angel Fighting Affordable

100 Yen. At the current exchange rate, it’s less than one US dollar. While dollar stores are life-saving institutions no matter where you are, at least in America they aren’t particularly well known for providing items with an eye for design. In Japan, it’s a little different. Daiso has a huge reputation amongst residents and tourists alike for providing anyone with anything they would ever need at a very fair price, but with some visual flair. The kitchenware, stationery, even their clothing, from Daiso doesn’t tend to look like it comes from dollar shop. Neither does any of the vast Eva Pilots 100 Yen merch collection coming to Daiso and other 100 yen chains later this month.

Eva Pilots 100 Yen

Surprisingly, The Eva Pilots 100 Yen collection is extremely vast in scope. You have stationery, bags, pencil cases, keychains, drinking glasses, and other assorted odds and ends. The price for any one thing? 100 yen, which current equates to 94.5 cents. You could deck out you entire back to school line up for a good seven dollars, although with many classes still on zoom we suppose your classmates couldn’t take in the majesty of your coordinated Evangelion accesorizing.

Eva Pilots Bags

New Evangelion merchandise isn’t new but well-designed merch of any series is rare at this price point. As we wait for the further delayed Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0, knowing we could take a ten-dollar bill to the Japanese dollar tree and come home with a  translucent Unit 01 bag filled to the brim with Eva Pilots themed miscellaneous junk does our souls some good. If you’re living in Japan, Daiso literally are everywhere meaning you don’t have to treck to Shibuya Parco in the middle of a pandemic to get your hands on these cute and inexpensive Evangelion goods.

The Eva Pilots 100 Yen Collection Makes Angel Fighting Cheap

The Eva Pilots 100 Yen Merchandise collection hits Daiso, Can Do, and other select 100 Yen shops in Japan later this August.

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