Evangelion 3.0 Gets Ultra and Regular Blu-ray This August

Shinji in Evangelion 3.0

While Evangelion 3.0+1.0 is still destroying the box office in Japan, Khara announced that they will be releasing an Ultra Blu-ray and Blu-ray version of Evangelion 3.0 in August under the name of Evangelion 3.333.

Evangelion 3.333 Cover

Evangelion 3.0 is the most polarizing film in the series thanks to the time-skip that the movie starts with. If you haven’t seen the film, here is a quick synopsis:

Shinji awakes on ruined Earth 14 years after a third impact, and people have turned against him. He becomes trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth and continues to battle the angels while the world spirals toward complete destruction.

Evangelion 3.333 will also come with some additional goods, depending on where you purchase the film from. We still don’t know the goods but each retailer will offer a different one.

Asuka in Evangelion 3.0

Evangelion 3.333 is set to release in Japan on 25 August 2021 for a retail price of ¥8,580 for the Ultra Blu-ray and ¥5,500 for the standard Blu-ray. As of the time of this writing, there has not been any announcement of an international release for either.

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