SPACE AGE Teams up With EVANGELION for Baseball Goods

Evangelion baseball goods

I just knew when I woke up today that I would be seeing a bunch of new EVANGELION-themed goods. I’m not gonna lie, this new collaboration between SPACE AGE and EVANGELION might just be my favorite one yet. I’m not a huge fan of sports, but I absolutely love baseball. Two of my favorite things in the world are getting another collaboration as goods and clothing representing the various teams in Nippon Pro Baseball and EVANGELION.

GIANTS Evangelion hoodie

The new collaboration kicked off today. Each respective team started sales on the goods a little earlier on 16 January 2021, and SPACE AGE will start today, 18 January 2021. The offering of goods is pretty wide spreading with shirts, hoodies, and ticket holders. Regarding the shirts and hoodies, each team will have two designs, with one being the team’s mascot character dressed up like EVA Unit-01, and the second being an EVA Unit-01 attacking the team’s home stadium. The ticket holder features a logo of EVA Unit-01 front and center. Each of the products comes in a variety of colors and the team’s primary color.

GIANTS x Evangelion Shirt

If you’re a fan of Japanese baseball and EVANGELION, these new collaboration goods are something that you’re going to want to look into grabbing for your collection. They’re pretty limited and are based on the 2021 season of Japanese pro baseball. The hoodies will be retailing for ¥5,900, shirts for ¥4,800, and the ticket holder for ¥2,800. These might be a little difficult to obtain though if you’re living overseas, so you’re going to want to employ the help of a friend or a proxy service.

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