Get in The Corn Puff with New Evangelion-branded Umaibo

Evangelion Umai Bars Hit Japan This June

Another day, another chance I get to report on some brand new Evangelion something or other. This time, anime’s biggest critical darling of them all is teaming up with Umaibo for some limited-edition snacks. Umaibo are sold in convenient stores everywhere across Japan but these Eva ones will only be available in Evangelion Stores across Japan. You’ll have to buy them 30 at a time but each big pack of Umaibo comes with one of three clear files featuring the custom art used for the packaging. These Evangelion snacks have begun to appear on shelves in Japan.

Evangelion Umaibo

The best way I can describe Umaibo for overseas audiences who haven’t experienced them; they’re giant cheese logs, except they come in more flavors than cheese. Basically, these snacks are 3 to 4 inch long straight corn puffs that get flavor blasted with who knows what. An individual Umaibo is typically sold for around 10 yen making them a popular choice for kids who only have a limited allowance. Cheese, tarako, salmon, nori, and more; Umaibo come in all sorts of flavors that you’d expect from Japanese snacks. They’ve also always featured this same Doraemon looking art style you can see in these pictures.

Evangelion Umaibo Clear Packaging

It’s kind of neat to see some of Evangelion’s most iconic scenes and imagery snackified for children. The clear-files and packaging cycle through three different designs. You have the classic ‘Shinji holding up the injured Rei Ayanami’, the iconic ‘Gendou in his secret Seele meetings’, and finally a fan-favorite ‘Evangelion 3.33 Shinji and Kaworu back to back’. While Mari’s absence is no big deal, fans may wonder why neither Asuka nor Misato aren’t anywhere to be seen. Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer to that all important questions.

These Evangelion Umaibo are on sale in 30-in-1 packs in Evangelion Stores across Japan.

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