Kao Announces ATTACK ZERO x Evangelion Detergent Collaboration


You know, I think in most of my recent Evangelion collaboration articles, I make mention that the brand collaborates with the most off the wall concepts that you could possibly think of. The brand has collaborated with cars, underwear, curry, razor blades, clothing, potato chips, and a plethora of other things that you typically would not expect the brand to have any sort of association with, but that doesn’t seem to stop anyone or anything from these collaborations happening. In a way, if you think about it, it’s brilliant, but part of me thinks that it dilutes the brand at some level. But I guess when you’re a deity among Japanese animations, nothing dilutes the brand popularity. Today, in a non-surprising turn of events, there has been another Evangelion collaboration announced, and this time it’s with Kao’s ATTACK ZERO brand of laundry detergent for the ATTACK ZERO x Evangelion Collaboration.

OK, I get it. Evangelion is collaborating with everything that you would normally have to purchase or use in real-life because Evangelion is supposed to be taking place in the real world. Or at least that’s what I’m getting from all of these brand collaborations, but sometimes you have to draw the line. Collaborating with a laundry detergent, even if it is the most awesome laundry detergent in Japan, is a little overboard no? I love ATTACK detergent, but still lol.

Shinji Attack Eva Collab

Either way, it’s a collaboration between two products that I love, so that has to make it good. No, it has to make it great. Amazon Japan and Lohaco are now taking pre-orders for the ATTACK ZERO x Evangelion laundry detergent and the bottle for the detergent features none other than Rei Ayanami. Kao Corporation is also holding a raffle campaign for 100 winners to win a set of the bottles featuring all of the EVA pilot characters.

Attack Eva CampaignWith ATTACK being a Japanese detergent for Japanese washing machines, I don’t see this one making its way overseas, but you can always import it from Amazon Japan, they ship internationally for a very reasonable cost, or you can have a friend order them and ship them to you!

KAO Corporation, Khara
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