Evangelion Is Getting Another Mechatro WeGo Kit

Evangelion Is Getting A Mechatro WeGo Kit

Just when you thought the Evangelion merchandise pile couldn’t get any bigger….well, actually, why would you think otherwise? Given all of the collabs the world’s biggest anime franchise has done over the years, it’s no surprise that they’d team up to do one with the robot model kit line Mechatro WeGo. What is a surprise though is that this is only the second time Mechatro WeGo has done an Evangelion collaboration.

Evangelion Unit-01 WeGo

The first Mechatro WeGo Evangelion collab came in the form of 2017’s reimagining of Unit 01, whose supposed “Beast Mode” look was comical yet too adorable to ignore. Now we’re getting a similarly-designed Unit 00 model, whose ad features a minimalistically drawn Rei looking more moe than usual. If the design looks familiar to you, that’s because it was done by none other than Nichijou mangaka Keiichi Arawi, who has been doing the artwork for the model kit’s packaging for a few years now.

Evangelion Unit-00 WeGoIt makes sense that Mechatro WeGo’s creator Kazushi Kobayashi would finally go ahead to make more Evangelion models, considering how he already did CG and modeling for the first and third Rebuild movies. Weirdly enough, his concept for the model kits could not have been more un-Evangelion. Kobayashi’s designs were instead modeled with the idea of peaceful, non-violent robots in mind. Ones he said would “make people smile if these robots shaped like eggs or beans, gather and walk together to school.” 

Well…he’s not wrong. The sight of Eva Units 00 and 01 might not make Rei and Shinji jump for joy, but it might put a smile on the faces of those itching to build a nifty new Evangelion model mech. It certainly will make for a nifty little thing to stick in somebody’s holiday stocking when it comes out on Christmas Eve of this year.

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